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Crowfoot Collective


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Now this is something to be excited about! We have been formulating this Botanical Facial Tonic for just short of a year. It’s spectacular. We have worked with Indigenous Herbalists, Spiritualists, and Botanists to create a Botanical Tonic that is incredibly nourishing and healing for your skin.

This Tonic is made with only the most beautiful and soothing plant essences to bring a sense of serenity and well being to your skin, body and Spirit. Clean, natural and organic, and sourced directly from locally grown and distilled Botanicals. Each of our Mists are handcrafted using Garden Grown and organic Plants and Botanicals. The plants are carefully harvested by hand, according to Traditional methods, with thanks given to the Plant and to Creator. These Plants are then locally distilled to create essential oils and floral waters (Hydrosols) that are blended with Organic jojoba oil and our in house infusions, absolutes and tinctures to create our Botanical Tonics.