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Oversized Distressed Sovereign Tour Tee

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One of our fave graphic tees - an oversized t-shirt topped with oversized graphics on the front and back. Washed-soft and faded with distressed details for a vintage look and feel.

This NTVS Tour is fictional but if it existed, I’m sure it would’ve been epic. Locations on the back chosen to represent just SOME of the popular powwow locations.

The NTVS (The Natives) is a Native owned clothing company established in 2014. The brand is for everyone who supports indigenous culture. They encourage you to buy authentic and not the cheap knock-off designs that appropriate the culture. They are a premium Native American brand that is driven by Indigenous art and culture. They specialize in t-shirts, snapbacks, tanks, hoodies, Native American prints, and more. Most designs are very limited. They pride ourselves in crafting high quality Indigenous clothing collections that anyone would be proud to wear.