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 P A P O A ‘ K AN



Hand poured soy and coconut wax candles, with a very special addition, local Vancouver Island Beeswax. Poured in a reusable glass vessel. Hand blended Scents, Inspired by the secret and sacred places hidden for thousands of years on Vancouver Island.

All fire is sacred, but these are especially so.

It is difficult to choose a favourite Candle, but if we had to, this fragrance is probably the one.

This beautiful candle is inspired by the beautiful wilds of Anaqtl’a known today as Pachena Bay, in the Broken Group Islands. These Islands are home to the Huu-ay-aht people. They have been in their traditional territory since the beginning of time. Giant, moss laden Cedars and lush ferns sway in the cool forests. White beaches stretch for miles, broken only by rivers rushing into the sea.

While staying here, each night we were gifted with the most incredible dreams. We would drift to sleep and become transported. We have created this Candle with Dream herbs and Botanicals to assist with safe Astral Travel and Lucid Dreaming. It smells incredible.

Light, sweet, floral Immortelle is grounded by the Earthy scent of woods and moss. Spicy Patchouli mingles with sensual jasmine, creating rich warmness and nutmeg undertones. Top notes of sun warmed Honeysuckle and Chocolate Lily bring all the botanicals together into a rich floral. Ambrette seed is nature's musk, mixed with spicy and sensual Gardenia to create a truly beautiful and inviting scent.

When lit, this scent is so smooth, chocolatey and sensual. The notes of Chocolate Lily and Vanilla Leaf come through so beautifully.

We have used a blend of 8 plant allies for this Candle. 8 like the legs of a spider, to pay respect to the Anishinaabe Spiderwoman, the original weaver of the powerful and protective Dreamcatchers. Placed in a bedroom, even when not lit, this beautiful and powerful blend of botanicals will protect you and guide you as you travel through the dream world. Use while meditating, during yoga, or before bed to soothe and calm.

Astral travel is a knowingness. A way of accessing information we are otherwise closed off from. Lucid Dreaming is like a dream within a dream. You are conscious, able to give and receive messages from beyond. When Lucid dreaming, you are accessing deep alpha and
beta waves. It has been studied that the more the Brain enters
the Alpha/Beta state, it enters into the most relaxing, self-regenerative realm.

The hand gathered Herbs and Botanical Plant allies in these candles are alive with magic. Jasmine Flowers and Patchouli to bring in Lucid and prophetic Dreams. Wild Vanilla Leaf is a beautiful Plant Ally, known for its gorgeous scent. Mugwort for clearing, strengthening and conserving your energy. She is known for her protective Spirit, and her ability to help call in your Ancestors. Mugwort was traditionally burned on bonfires as a sacred offering, and she is known to increase visions and dream recall. Sweetgrass for protection and its beautiful, nurturing and protective soul.

These beautiful hand poured soy candles help to clear and protect your energy and realign your vibrations. Each of these candles are handcrafted using essences of locally grown Plants and Botanicals. The Plants are locally distilled by hand to create Floral Waters and Essential Oils, which are mixed with a blend of organic, ethically sourced Essential Oils and Absolutes to create our beautiful candles. The Blends are carefully created with Plants selected for their specific medicines, and are then infused with crystals to heal your soul, strengthen your connection to Self and Spirit, and manifest your desires and dreams.

The Gemstones we have chosen are incredibly powerful Protection stones. Not only of yourself but of your Space, especially your bedroom. Cleanse and Protect your energetic body, aura, and home with this Ritual Candle.