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Decolonial Clothing

Geronimo Resist Hoodie

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Indigenous Owned and Operated Clothing

Colour: BLACK

Goyahkla (Geronimo) from the Chiricahua Apache band, Bedonkohe, was an Indigenous leader, fighter & medicine man; known for his bravery & courage, his will to fight for his people and resist the foreign colonial government that was attempting genocide against his people and stealing his people's homelands. Also known for his gift in being a leader, despite not ever being a Chief of the Apache People, Goyahkla lead many warriors during numerous raids & war parties, as well as lead women, children along with warriors while escaping the reservation prison they had been forced to live on & while evading capture by the U.S military after escaping the reserve. 

Wear these threads with pride and honour, as you embody the strengths and leadership passed down from Geronimo, while Resisting Colonial Oppression