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Love Ritual Oil

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Haida and Indigenous Made

This love intention and aphrodisiac oil is carefully crafted to set your manifestations into action. Whether your goals be self care, attracting new love,
or moisturizing and caring for your body and mind after ritual baths and self care rites and practices. Anointing oil can be used to charge tools, candles and yourself during times of meditation to focus your energy and intent.

    Directions: Best used during manifestation and spell work by focussing on your intentions by taking a small amount of oil between hands and rubbing on the exterior of your candle or object to charge,
    To charge an object : starting from the middle and working your way to the top then starting again at the middle and working your way to the bottom, this can be done with any objects you wish to charge. *Never rub your object back and forth.

    Other Uses: Drop oil on your pillow or the pillow of a loved one, this oil can be used topically after a shower or bath as perfume or cologne. This product is an aphrodisiac and can be used as an effective massage oil, or diluted into a carrier oil.


    • Use leading up to the full moon for full effect
    • Use to enhance and intensify any manifestation or spell work pertaining to love, friendship, attainment, seduction and passion
    • Attract a lover , positive energy, higher vibrations and improve troubled relationships
    • Blessed and formulated according to full moon cycles
    • charged with clear and rose quartz
    • Infused with powerful herbs for their magical properties and high vibrations
    • Heavily spelled, unfixed and cleansed for you to manifest whatever is in your heart.
    • Hand curated in this 2oz dropper bottle to promote love, healing, and passion
    Ingredients: Sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, Damania leaf, Rose petals, rose quartz, clear quartz, vanilla, clove, ginger, clove, coriander, saffron, jasmine flowers, fennel, sandalwood, orange, spelled earth, cinnamon bark, patchouli.

    *Though I live & breathe my teachings, the metaphysical world, nature, folk magic, traditional medicine, and my culture. I am required to place this statement where for sale: I cannot guarantee any specific results with use of this product and it is sold as a curio. Do not drop bottle or it may break. Do not consume contents. I am not responsible for any misuse.