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Copper Canoe Woman

m̓íƛa Earrings

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Copper Canoe Woman:

This design is dedicated to my sisters and our connection we share through our initiation into the m̓íƛa; a dance telling the story of being taken into the world above. Recently my sister @qatuwas contextualized a piece of art she was gifted and she stated “I have been blessed to be initiated into this society, which comes from the Haíɫzaqv λúḷáx̌a ceremony. The λúḷáx̌a is our connection to the world above, some say the heavens or the cosmos. It details a time when transition between worlds was more seem less. This art piece is a reminder I descend from this time & am connected to all worlds within this universe.” (Brown, 2022)

Each descending arrow represents my sisters and self (there are three of us). The star represents the Universe, the void, the place where the ancestors dwell, the infinite divine, the cosmos, and more. @aylaybrown ✨️🌙