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Standing Spruce Farm + Apothecary

Ocean Bath Tranquility Bar

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Authentic indigenous wellness brand Combining old world medicine and traditional practices; Standing Spruce is an organic farm that provides authentic wildcrafted products; that are all natural, sustainable, and ethically made.

Simplicity This change of the moon had us doing what makes us happy,creating Soap.A little known fact about Haida people is ; We love our soap... We love soap so much that we earned the nickname “Soap eaters”.. Here we have Honeymoon*And a totally refreshing and healing yet to be named creation that sat in my mind for a very long time.This green beauty’s colour comes from antioxidant , anti-inflammatory, and healing seaweeds, kelps, and algae’s.White clay gives it a smooth hand-feel,soothing slip,and body to hair.Sea Salt hardens the bar while mineralizing and softening your skin and easing your scalp creating big beachy hair.I created this soap with solitude and camping in mind.I wanted the perfect green to convey a fresh fragrance that reminded me of the the trees and Ocean.Something simple that would take me back to a time when I would use one all purpose soap in my daily river or lake bath . There is something special about bathing in fresh body’s of water surrounded by trees, and something special about the simplicity of one useful bar of soapMinimalist,Not drying, not strippingJust refreshing.Always Made with moon water No palm oilNo artificial colours or fillersNo synthetic ingredients Non dryingSafe for eczema and sensitivity Always made with love