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Crowfoot Collective


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A beautiful, intoxicating, ethereal scent

Hand poured soy and coconut wax candles, with a very special addition, local Vancouver Island Beeswax. Poured in a reusable glass vessel. Hand blended Scents, Inspired by the secret and sacred places hidden for thousands of years on Vancouver Island.

Floral Notes of Star Jasmine and Rosewood softly surround heart notes of Cannabis Flower, Smoky Oud and Tonka Bean.

Juicy top notes of Passion Flower, Indica and Bright Neroli sweeten and brighten this gorgeous blend.

Ambrette Seed, known as Natures Musk, adds softly sensual and grounding notes to this intoxicating blend.

The Sky Beings are an important part of Blackfoot Culture.

The Blackfoot have always been astrologers, and place great importance in our Celestial Connections

Long ago the Creator made the earth and all the different things in it. The Sun (Natosi) was created and he was told that he would be the one to give light and warmth to everything. The Creator told Natosi’s wife, the Moon (Kokimmikisoom) that, along with all their children (the Stars) in the sky, they would be the ones to give light at night

Together they had a Son, Ipiso Waahsa (Morning Star)

Natosi, his wife Kokimmikisoom and their son Ipiso Waahsa gave our ancestors important sacred ceremonies to use whenever we need their help and guidance in our lives.

This Candle contains powerful plant Botanicals and gemstones to help you connect to the Sky Beings. Connect to the Heavens and find the wisdom and guidance gathered over an eternity waiting for you to discover.

This Candle is meant to call forth the strength and power within us all.

We all contain the blueprint within us to live at a higher vibration, to live in love, and to walk a good path. Use this Candle as a daily reminder that you were born upon this Earth for a reason. You are meant to be here. You were chosen. Live in the Light.

Connect to the Universe and you will find that it leads you right back to yourself