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Modest Maverick


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Unisex Ponchos


These beauties are made with loads of love and are handmade on Vancouver Island, BC!

A big double lined hood that was designed to not fall down or blow away as soon as the wind picks up. You know, the perfect storm watching kind of hood. We also designed the front pocket to be deep enough so that your keys won't fall out because no one needs to lose their car keys while strolling the beach. Plus, we made enough room to shove both your hands in there on those colder days because everyone loves a good pocket.

Short Style: The front and back of the poncho lay flat across and sit roughly 27" from the neckline to the bottom

It all depends on how you want it to fit!

Material: 10% Wool 90% Polyester
Measurements: One size fits most. Please message me if you have any questions regarding sizing and yes, they’re unisex!
Care Instructions: Machine Wash Cold, Lay Flat to Dry