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Prados Beauty

Prados Beauty Artistry Brush - P18

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Prados Beauty Products From Las Cruces, New Mexico By Cece Meadows a Xicana/Indigenous Woman. 

Precision Blending Brush 

After much anticipation and over a year in the making, Prados Beauty presents our artistry brushes! 

Trademarked, copyrighted and sustainable, our brushes are consciously crafted with 100% recycled materials and guaranteed cruelty-free. 

These silky and gorgeous brushes are made from the softest synthetic fibers with patent-pending nanotechnology for flawless precision. 

Our artistry brushes are designed for durability, luxurious application and minimal product fallout. With sleek wooden handles made from quality, recycled wood and reinforced aluminum ferrules, these brushes produce exquisite results. Use these must haves today for  blending and a smooth finish for all your unapologetically beautiful looks. 

Shop our collection of brushes for seamless and fierce execution.

*Brushes are made of 100% recycled materials. Brush fibers are 100% synthetic. Handles are made of 100% recycled wood. Ferrule is made of 100% recycled aluminum.